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Berlin/Germany. I like programming, vegan food and listening to black metal, psytrance, hippie music and much else. My blog is here to celebrate psychedelic art, stylish bondage, nature and paganism and general beautiful decadence.



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some like it hot

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The Toxic Vision Easywear collection just released a few minutes ago.. I won’t be releasing another one of these until late November so get it while you can! All sizes, very limited quantities!


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God don’t like ugly.

— And ain’t too fond of pretty. African American Proverb (via whoareyouandwhyshouldicare)

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i like painting because i feel like im god for a moment when i turn the daisies into carnations and the clouds into sky

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what a strange dog 

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Street art: Beautifully decorated and painted Steps by ROA

  1. Fish steps, Seoul, South Korea
  2. Rose steps in Tehran, Iran
  3. Piano steps in Valparaiso, Chile
  4. Steps in Beirut, Lebanon
  5. Pink steps in Capri
  6. 16 Avenue Tiled Steps in San Francisco
  7. Floral steps in Sicily, Italy
  8. Stairs of Peace in Syria

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